Clearing the Path

76129_169500713068787_140260422659483_469997_6417424_nWow, It’s been five weeks since I last wrote a blog entry, but my journey has been moving along. My current weight is down to 223 lbs. That is 17 lbs. down from where I stared six weeks ago. Also, my fasting blood sugar had been running between 145mg/dl and 180mg/dl. This morning it was 106mg/dl. In the past, I would get shaky and clammy as if I had low blood sugar when my blood sugar would get below 120mg/dl. Yesterday afternoon, my blood sugar was 90mg/dl and there were no signs that my body thought my blood sugar was too low. Now, that’s progress.

Over the last five weeks, I have been discovering which foods work for me and which do not. Then I take those foods that do no work for me out of my diet. So far, wheat, white sugar, and oats are out. Cheese, blueberries, most veggies, beef, chicken, beans, a bit of jasmine rice, nuts and seeds, and Avocados are in. Another thing that is in for me is moving. Since it has been cold, snowy and icy in this neck of the woods, I haven’t been able to walk home form work, so instead I get on the stationary bike after work for a 30 minute ride. After that I stretch.  The moving helps to elevate my mood. So step by step I have been moving forward and clearing my path.

Speaking of clearing my path, I have also been moving towards simplicity in my life. I have been working on decluttering my living space the way I am decluttering my body. It’s a process I’m working through at a steady pace, trying not to think so far ahead that the journey overwhelms me.