The Journey Begins

snowy path

Let me start out with a laundry list of my issues. I’m a 52 year old woman who has type 2 diabetes, and hypothyroidism, both diagnosed in 1997. I am obese by every medical standard I’ve seen. At 5’10” I currently weight 240 lbs., (at least I did when I started, this morning I jumped on the scale and was down to 233 lbs.). Last time I had blood tests done my cholesterol was in a good range, but my triglycerides were a little high, but had come down from my previous blood test. Also, I have not had any blood tests in over a year, but I measure my fasting blood sugar from time to time.  I’m also about seven to eight months out from a two year bout with frozen shoulder which negatively affected my overall flexibility.  And even thought you might think I’m post menopausal, I am not. I am still in perimenopause with irregular periods.  In addition to my officially diagnosed ailments, I suspect my liver does not function at 100% even though my tests have been with the “medically acceptable” range, but I’m not sure that “medically acceptable” means it is functioning at it’s optimal level. Everyday I take no fewer than four prescriptions, and I want to reduce that to one or less if I can.

My destination in this part of my journey is to reduce medication, and illness and to improve the functioning of my body through holistic means using integrative nutrition, supplementation and energy work. I’ve already started on my journey.  I’m changing what I eat, finding what works best for me. At the store I look for organic fruits and vegetables, and grass fed meats. I’ve been adding supplements to my daily regimen. I’ve been taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D3, Spirulina and Fenugreek. And every week or two, my friend Alice of Source to Soul Reiki performs energy healing on me. The my mind and body health is already showing improvement. Another piece to my journey will be finding a doctor who will walk beside me on my journey. Recently, my primary physician moved to New Zealand, and I need to find a replacement, so in two weeks I have and appointment with a new doctor. He is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association, and I hope he will help guide me on my journey.  And when this leg of my journey ends, I hope to start a new one. I would like to become a Health Coach by taking classes from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I’m excited so let’s get going!