Week of Discovery

Coming to the Dells

This week has not been the best of weeks for me. It’s been a bit up and down nutritionally, but it has been a week of discovery.  I’ve been trying to eliminate as much sugar and wheat for my diet as possible, but this week I ate some of each. Here’s what I discovered.

After running out of one of my usual breakfast foods, berries and raw yogurt, I had to find something to replace it. At first I tried making a rice pudding. My recipe calls for white sugar, a banned substance for me, no only because it would raise my blood sugar, but also for all the crap they have to do to it to make it nice, white and refined. So to substitute I tried Organic Raw Sugar (also called Rapadura). I also reduced the amount rice and the amount of sugar in my recipe. It looked good, it tasted good, and I dished  out a reasonable portion, but after breakfast I felt ravenous. I wanted more sugar, more bread, more, more, more. I could not get satisfied no matter what I ate or how much I ate. It felt horrible. My sugar crazed brain thought, It’s a fluke. I’ll try a smaller portion tomorrow. I did, and my body reacted the same way. My husband gladly accepted the rest of that rice pudding. So discovery number one: Sugar makes me crazy.

My second discovery came later in the week. We are not rich. My family needs to be fed on a budget. One night I had a rather small roast out for dinner, and I knew it wouldn’t stretch so I made what I call Beef Pot Pie.  Beef Pot Pies starts out with a base of beef cubed and browned with lots of vegetables. They cook until the veggies are al dente then I make a bit of gravy with the cooking juices. Everything gets put into a pan and topped with homemade biscuit dough and baked until the biscuit dough it golden brown. And yes the biscuit dough was made with unbleached wheat flour. Again I portioned out a small bowl for myself.  The next morning when I took my fasting blood sugar it had bounced up 50 points higher than it had been on the days I had devoured sugar. So wheat and sugar are strictly off my list.

Now, my week wasn’t all bad. I did have a Reiki session with Alice and during the session I felt a surge of joy soar through me. I almost felt as it I was floating. She too, said that she could feel this massive flow of joyous energy.  Today I start reading The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman to see what other nutritional nuggets I can find to lead me further down the path in my healing journey.   J